About us

Platin Agro protects the producers' great efforts with up to 200 Agricultural Pesticide brands and fights with pests and plants for you. Our first target is to enable the farmers to get their return from the products and therefore to make them win the fight against pests and foreign herbs and decrease the damage to a minimum level. Also another target is to protect our plants against illnesses, pests and increase production and product quality. One of the other targets is to contribute to Turkey's agricultural development and always market the best quality, best priced products with our young, dynamic and experienced team.

Our company has taken responsibility for supplying agricultural pesticides for producing companies for a long time and we have focused on pesticide import for 8 years because of the significance of agriculture both in Turkey and in the world.

In addition to our technical and commercial expertise, we are responsible and sensitive about contributing to your work and continual development for mutual benefits. Wherever we see a healthy plant and a producer with a smiling face, we believe that we did our job and be proud, happy and work more and more..

Our Vision

To be able to easily supply all our various products that we export and produce firstly for Turkish farmers and then the other farmers in the world, To start new branches all over the world, To find the best solution for any problem for any plant in the world, to produce the best pesticide brands accordingly, To represent Turkey as the best company in the agriculture sector in the world, To be able to make Turkish and World producers smile.

Our Mission

To be able to give the best service for the producers, To be able to provide high quality for our products, To find solutions as soon as possible by using the most effective method for any problem encountered by the producers, To make the transportation of the agricultural products to the consumers as healthy as possible, To be able to meet the demands of our solution partners in other words our Distributors as best as possible and as soon as possible and not to embarrass ourselves and our partners in the eye of the producers.